Please Note: We are not accepting new clients until June 2024.

Cattle & Swine Services Roxbury, CT

Dairy. Beef. Pets.

Whatever type of cow you have, we can probably help you with it. Roxbury Animal Clinic can provide routine well-patient exams, vaccinations, fecal testing & deworming, pregnancy testing, biosecurity testing & health certificates for fairs & travel. We can travel up to 22 miles from our clinic and are available for emergencies after hours, such as bloat, wounds, dystocia, and more.

We do not routinely perform dairy production analyses, so we may refer farms requesting these services to dairy specialty veterinary practices.

Meat. Pets.

We see a lot of pet pigs and some meat pigs. Pigs make great pets, indoors or outdoors. We frequently see “mini pigs” who’ve grown quite large, and pot-bellied pigs, who are large no matter what! They are very smart and quite trainable, however they can be stubborn and noisy when they object to what you would like them to do!

We provide routine vaccinations, deworming, fecal testing, hoof & tusk trimming and can investigate most common illnesses seen in domestic pigs. When required, we will refer pig patients to Tufts University for further diagnostics and care.

a pig sleeping on hay